LYE Cast Iron & Ductile Y Strainer (Flanged Ends) – Model LYE 781 Flange to BS 10 Table E / BS4504 1611


LYE Cast Iron & Ductile Iron Y Strainer (Flanged Ends) – Model LYE 781
Brand : LYE
Model : LYE 781
Material : Cast Iron/Ductile Iron
Screen : Stainless Steel
Coating : Wet/Hot Epoxy Blue
Pressure Rating : PN16

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2” (50mm) CI Wet Epoxy, 2” (50mm) DI Wet Epoxy, 2” (50mm) DI Hot Epoxy, 2 1/2” (65mm) CI Wet Epoxy, 2 1/2” (65mm) DI Wet Epoxy, 2 1/2” (65mm) DI Hot Epoxy, 3” (80mm) CI Wet Epoxy, 3” (80mm) DI Wet Epoxy, 3” (80mm) DI Hot Epoxy, 4” (100mm) CI Wet Epoxy, 4” (100mm) DI Wet Epoxy, 4” (100mm) DI Hot Epoxy, 5” (125mm) CI Wet Epoxy, 5” (125mm) DI Wet Epoxy, 5” (125mm) DI Hot Epoxy, 6” (150mm) CI Wet Epoxy, 6” (150mm) DI Wet Epoxy, 6” (150mm) DI Hot Epoxy, 8” (200mm) CI Wet Epoxy, 8” (200mm) DI Wet Epoxy, 8” (200mm) DI Hot Epoxy, 10” (250mm) CI Wet Epoxy, 10” (250mm) DI Wet Epoxy, 10” (250mm) DI Hot Epoxy, 12” (300mm) CI Wet Epoxy, 12” (300mm) DI Wet Epoxy, 12” (300mm) DI Hot Epoxy, 14” (350mm) CI Wet Epoxy, 14” (350mm) DI Wet Epoxy, 14” (350mm) DI Hot Epoxy

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